(Creating Value, Building Jobs and Helping Society)

Web-Blaze Limited has been involved in the development of software application, digital marketing, secured corporate email systems, hosting and cloud services since 2012. We have been actively involved in the transformation of businesses in sectors such as Manufacturing, Real Estate, Fashion, Pharmaceuticals, Retail(FMCG), Automobile and financial industry since our incorporation.

In 2015, we became sub contractors to Ernst& Young Ghana for the execution software development contracts for the government of Ghana.

In 2016 we began the second stage of our mission which is to provide transformational technological products and services to Africa by introducing a cloud storage product (Opencloudgh) to the ghanaian software sector through our partnership with Rushfiles (Denmark). Web-blaze also became the first cloud storage service provider(Through its subsidiary company "Opencloudgh") to acquire the data protection license from the Ghana data protetion commision. we acquired the certification to ensure that appropriate steps are taken to safeguard our customers data and align our business activities with the laws of the country in 2016.

In 2017, we partnered with AWS to introduce the development and migration of applications to the cloud for business in Africa using amazon web services' infrastructure to usher in cheaper and more efficient software applications delivered over the internet.

At the heart of our operations is the desire to help small and medium enterprises grow by introducing cost saving and efficient software services for these enterprises. we were the main sub contracting entity that developed the african partner pool web application for invest in africa to help SMEs bid for tenders from multi-nationals. We are also supplier members to the african partner pool.

Web-Blaze is currently focusing on the acquisition of software patents for current and future business innovations and endeavors to help protect and maxmize ROI of its shareholders investments. Most of these innovations are also being introduced to the software industry as subsidiary companies to ensure that they ae provided with the appropriate business structure to maxmize their societal and business impact and in the appropriate time become standalone entities.

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